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Zone of Own: What shall it be?

2010-06-03 02:04:24 by datagital

OK so im working on a new lfash it will be called own zone i think it will be a game where you are a tacticool operator and you must fight off other operators and conduct operations and stuff, but because I'm only still writing classes and tweeking the procedural sound generator and text scroller for the preloader it might turn out differently.

Anyway it's gunna be called OwnZone and like it has a really cool preloader now already.

I prefer to do things with code ratehr than with animation so a game is the obvious choice.

I think that if I did have a go at animations it would be maybe a bit too short to be a standalone but could be a cutscene between levels for example. Good idea rite?


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2010-06-03 04:20:25

can we see the preloader

datagital responds:

I'll have a go at uploading to the alphas place (i'll give a link) when I complete the first bit of gameplay (rite now I just have a huge bit of mp3 at frame #2 to test teh preloader).

The preloader needs data to preload 4 u to see it in action and I don't want to post alpha without any gameplay coz ng says not too lols.


2010-06-16 01:18:32

hey n00basaurus-rex: 1146fe5ac792bd6830d4d24185154bd 3e592a8105614df80a915663d03e46f

preloaders r easy if u need help then just look at the code on the adobe reference.