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Genius if teh internet on religyawn

2010-06-16 01:13:20 by datagital

EVERYTHING good in christianity isn't new, and EVERYTHING new in christianity isn't good.

Christianity is bullshit. Athiest or Heathen or any of the many others, w/e. Most christians aren't even christians, they are europeans living around the world who are a part of a community that has community activites like sitting in a church every so often. They aren't religious, only psycopaths and mentally retarded sad fools are actually religions. And women.

Even most batshit crazy proponents of religion aren't religious themsevles, tehy just don't want u messin with their flock of useful idiots and will bitch and yell and scream like a impotent fucking bitch to try and stop u. Fuck u jesus and fuck ur religion you desert faggot.

I mean seriously Rome almost genocided gaul but let the middle eastern shit spread, what kind of a faggots were those romans they should have just stomped some serious ass and then this religious shit of the modern day WOULDNT EVEN EXIST.

Muslim, Christian etc exist only coz ceaser (or whoever it was at the time) was a complete faggot.

If I was gunna be a religion it would be a cool 1 like norse or ancient fucking egypt. Fuck

it's like u can be spiritual if ur some weak faggot and you can't keep your head straight without perfoming mental tricks on urself but if that is the case you should just go find a tall building and jump off it and not have any kids COZ UR DEFECTIVE. DARWANISM survival of teh least retarded.

And then if ur actaully religious like "OH WELL I BETTER NOT COZ GOD WOULDNT LIKE THAT LOLS" then like wat the crap? waaaaaaat the craaap is that shit?

Let's make a new religion called TECHNOTOLOGY and it's like u gotta go fucking rambo and no faggoats allowed. Sounds pretty good 2 me,

Genius if teh internet on religyawn


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2010-06-16 01:26:37


datagital responds:

lol its only 13 minutes and alre-GET LOST! WE DON'T LET EVERY LOSER COME THROUGH!